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Event Planning Tips to Simplify a Baby Shower

A pregnant wearing an orange dress stands in front of a cake. This article covers event planning for a baby shower.

Event Planning Tips to Simplify a Baby Shower

The birth of a baby is probably the most significant event in any family’s life. Planning for this can be complicated, but following tips and advice from people who have done it before can ease the pressure. 

Whether you decide to go big and rent out an entire corporate venue or want it to be a small family and close friends-only event is entirely up to what the baby’s parents want. 

These tips offer practical solutions to plan a successful and memorable baby shower, even if it’s your first time. 

Setup and Venue

Venue planning is vital to hosting a great event, and space is pretty imperative. But, on the other hand, not enough space can result in disappointment and an event where people will probably be uncomfortable. 

If you want a large event with many attendees, it will be worth your while to consider renting a commercial pole tent.

If you plan to host the stork party at home, a smaller tent rental is still an excellent idea to ensure your guests are all comfortable. 

When it comes to the setup, consider comfortable seating, mainly because the center of attention is expecting a child and will need to relax.

Furthermore, consider decor that compliments the chosen theme. A few great theme ideas include ballerina themes, neutral themes, and, of course, gender reveals.

These merge pink and blue tones. But there are tons of other adorable ideas out there that you can also consider. 

Food and Drinks

The catering is usually the part of an event that everyone talks about the most. Although when it comes to catering, you need to understand certain foods and drinks that a pregnant lady can consume, such as shellfish and alcohol.

So, it’s best to leave these things out of the menu. 

It’s best to cater the entire menu for the expecting mother’s needs. Even so, you’ll indeed find tons of cute and unique catering ideas that accommodate everyone.

But with that said, the menu needs to be selective when it comes to alcohol. Perhaps opt for alcohol-free drinks for everyone to ensure that the mom-to-be does not feel left out. 

One of the best choices is finger food on the eating side of things. However, depending on how long the event is going to be, a light meal could serve as the main course to ensure that no one leaves hungry.

Usually, a baby shower is no longer than two to three hours. The short timing of the event is relevant as not to wear out the expecting mother. 

Activities and Schedule

Traditionally, a baby shower gives a pregnant mother much-needed gifts to make raising a child’s life easier. In addition, many people have created fun activities to make this event memorable. 

Some activities include co-ed games like a mommy and daddy quiz game or blind diaper changing game, to mention only a couple of ideas.

Or, if you’re hosting ladies only the traditional way, try the diaper raffle, which is very popular.

These activities and the amount of time spent on each should be included so as not to cause confusion among guests on the big day.

Whatever games are going to be played, one thing that needs always to be considered; the mom-to-be must be able to participate safely and without potential embarrassment. 

The Work When the Fun Ends

A pretty big mess will remain when the stork party has ended and the guests have left. Unfortunately, cleaning up can be a monumental task if you have planned the event at home. 

Fortunately, professional cleaning services can assist with cleaning up the aftermath. Whether you have hosted the event at home or rented a venue.

It’s often best to rely on cleaning services, as this decision removes the task entirely. 

Planning a baby shower is understandably stressful, especially if it’s your first time handling the task. However, with the tips mentioned above, and enough dedication towards planning, there’s no doubt your event will be a success.

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Alternatively, you can also consider relying on an event planner to handle the details on your behalf. 

For large baby shower events, relying on a planner is often the most suitable solution.

When hiring a planner, you won’t need to worry about seating arrangements, decor choices, or catering.

All that you will really need to worry about is the cost of the event and the guest list. Furthermore, you should also consider creating a baby shower registry to list the gift options.

When creating a registry, remember to add budget-friendly gift ideas to accommodate all your guests.

Do you have any event planning tips to simplify a baby shower?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A pregnant wearing an orange dress stands in front of a cake. This article covers event planning for a baby shower.

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