Fresh Food Trends for Your Next Event

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Fresh Food Trends for Your Next Event

If you enjoy cooking and showing off your talents to your friends and family, you probably also are constantly on the lookout for new recipes to try and ingredients to use. Lucky for you, the culinary world is constantly evolving. It doesn’t seem to ever be running out of steam. There’s always some new power food or alternative to milk and meat products. There are also plenty of culinary artists out there who are constantly looking for ways to freshen up the scene.

Keep reading to see what forward-thinking caterers are doing this year. Plus, get inspired for your next cooking adventure. With these ideas, you could either cook and host your own event. You can even hire a caterer to help you design a fresh, new menu for a special occasion you’re planning.

Read on for some fresh food trends that might inspire your next meal.

1. Add Some Kick to Your Sauces with Harissa

Spices heavily used in African cuisine like berbere, dukkah, and ras el hanout, and harissa, are gaining in popularity. They pack a punch of flavour. Harissa is a kind of hot chilli pepper paste that uses roasted hot pepper as its main ingredient. It’s combined with a mixture of other spices and herbs, as well as vegetable or olive oil.

This paste offers a nutritious alternative to your classic spaghetti and tomato sauce. Nothing against the classics, it’s just nice to mix it up every once and a while.

2. Use Jackfruit as Your Go-To Meat Alternative

If you’ve cut meat out of your diet, you might already know that jackfruit is often used as an alternative. This is because of its meaty texture when cooked. Native to Southeast Asia, jackfruit is a large tree-borne fruit that is green with a spikey exterior and an interior that is made up of edible yellow bulbs.

Not only is this super fruit highly nutritious, but it can be used for both savoury and sweet dishes. Eat it raw and it has a sweet taste, whereas when cooked the taste of jackfruit has been compared to that of pulled pork.

3. Fats Are Good For You – Again

One of the more surprising fresh food trends is this next one. According to Whole Foods Market, fats are making a comeback in 2019 in the form of “creative, convenient foods.” Butter is especially popular in all sorts of variations. From traditional to ghee, to coconut butter.

There are all sorts of combinations to try like coconut butter-filled chocolates, butter coffees, vanilla bean ghee butter, and more. Ghee is particularly popular because it is available in multiple flavours, and suitable for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Ask the Experts

If you’re still fresh out of ideas you could always ask your catering company for what trends are up and coming this season.

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Above all, professionals with years of experience should have the knowledge to help. They can do this by helping you design dishes and a menu using the trendiest ingredients that will keep your guests coming back for more.

How do you shake things up?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I like hearing that fats are good for you (again!); never went out of style with me!! I love exploring the grocery aisles to see what new foods I can add to my diet!

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