15 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Wine

A banner reads, "Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Wine' and it shows a woman drinking a glass of wine, while holding another.

15 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Wine

Moms who drink wine and moms needing to drink wine to parent is always a hot topic. You are either completely against it or rightfully snarky over it because who is anyone to tell you that you cannot enjoy wine after a long and hard day?

I’ll be honest, I do enjoy a glass of wine in the very rare occasion but, I think that in life–it’s all about moderation!

Middle ground does exist, ladies, it’s not all or nothing!

Read on to discover this perfect and oh-so-delightful Mother’s Day list for gift ideas for the moms who love wine!

Home wine rack for the wine lover, with 4 bottles and 4 glasses hanging.

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack 

This wall mounted wine rack also holds 4 Long Stem Glasses and has a space for wine cork storage.


Frosted wine glasses that are clear with a sillver streak. Two cups are shown with red and white wine.

Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

These cups are a must-have for scorching hot days this summer!


A woman holds a Yeti wine cup while wrapped a blanket around a fire.

2 Pack Yeti Wine Tumblers

Keep a glass of wine cool in these durable tumblers for summer sipping on the porch.


A wine bottle is shown pouring wine into a glass with an aerator.

Instant 1-Button Aeration & Decanter Electric Wine Aerator

Keep wine fresher and unlock delicious notes in every bottle with this one button aerator and decanter.


A small black wine cooler has its door ajar and next to a chair and kitchen cabinet.

18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is the ultimate gift for any Mama who loves wine. With a compact design she can keep all of her wine chilled and at the ready.


Sparkling Rose Gummies are shown in a glass jar.

Wine Gummies

Let mom enjoy the flavour of wine on the go with these tasty and fun gummies!


Dogs and Wine Make Life Better is written on a clear wine glass tumbler.

Wine and Dogs Make Life Better Wine Glass

This cute stemless wine glass is perfect for a dog-loving mom!


A nautical looking tote bag conceals a wine bag inside that can be served right from the bag.

Wine Dispensing Bag for the Beach

A glass of wine is only a bag away with this fun wine dispenser. This bag allows mom to take her favorite wine anywhere she wants to go.


May Contain Wine t-shirt is pictured with denim shorts.

May Contain Wine T-Shirt

Add a little humour to a casual day with this t-shirt.


#WineLife a snarky adult colouring book for wine lovers.

Wine Life Adult Colouring Book

Colouring is a great way to unwind, and this snarky book goes perfectly with a bottle of your favourite wine for a relaxing yet funny experience.


A fun board game, Read Between the Wines is shown on a table with glasses of wine and ladies gathered to play the board game.

Uncorked Board Game

This game of reading between the wines is perfect for moms who want to have a little fun with their friends on the next girls night in.


Vintage Merlot, an all natural wine soap is shown leaning on its box that is branded, it's a deep rich, wine coloured soap.

Merlot Soap

This soap is luxurious and smells just like merlot for a bath mom will savour almost as much as a glass of her favourite wine.


A brewing Mulled Wine Kit that has everything you need to enjoy wine!

Mulled Wine Cocktail Kit

This kit contains everything needed to mull your own wine at home for a flavorful experience.


A fun wine holder that is a puzzle to open before you enjoy it.

Wooden Wine Bottle Puzzle

Give mom a brain teaser with her favorite kind of wine with this one of a kind puzzle!


A glass of wine is pictured and next to it, wine infused and flavoured Wine Lovers Chocolate.

Wine Lovers Chocolate

This 3 pack of chocolate pairs perfectly with wine, it comes in cute little tins to keep it classy and fresh!

A woman sitting on a table drinking a glass of wine while she holds another glass of wine.

It’s Wine O’ Clock, Y’all!

Now that you are armed with these great gift ideas for moms who love wine, you’re ready to roll. In fact, these make great gifts year-round for any wine lover so, maybe we should have named this ‘Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover’, right? 

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Again, enjoy that glass of wine without guilt mama, you deserve it! 

I’m more of a rosé gal myself, though.

Do you have a wine lover in your life?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.


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  1. Thank you so much Nancy for the awesome list, my mom would love a lot of these items especially the one button aerator and decanter, super cool! I might get one myself lol.

  2. THOSE ARE FANTASTIC gift ideas – i love the yeti tumbler as i could use it for a wide range of drinks

  3. The wine freeze cooling cups looks really great. My mom would absolutely love this. Bet my Dad too Lol.

  4. I’m not a wine lover at all, but so many of my girlfriends are. I spy quite a few things in here I know they would love!

  5. THESE GIFTS ARE AWESOME! my stepsisters and I always exchange wine themed holiday gifts and I’m always running out of ideas! Not anymore!

  6. I like the sound of the gummie sweets! What a great selection of wine gifts!

  7. There can be nothing more perfect than these gift ideas for moms who love wine. My mom would love those cups and tumblers to add to her collection.

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