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Kidoodle.TV: Television Made for Kids, Loved By Parents. Here’s Why! Enter to WIN a 1-Year Subscription! #KidoodleMom


Made for kids, loved by parents.

This is the digital age. My girls are growing up when everything is digital and on a small or big screen.  They want to watch more and more TV and I am fine with it only under the conditions that I know what they are watching, that what they watch is educational to a degree and that they are having fun too.

One of my biggest challenges is controlling the amount of time that they spend on their devices. Mimi can use her iPad like a grown person and Gabby is a little techy herself. So, controlling the amount of time is a bit of a challenge that we have tried working around.

Another fear of what they watch on cable, well, that’s another story.  There’s questionable advertisements on TV, previews of shows that air later at night that are violent or inappropriate. Even with filters in place, you can still see questionable titles while they search for their shows.


Enter Kidoodle TV.

Ever since we’ve tried Kidoodle.TV, both of my girls have been hooked. I love the fact that I can control what they watch (not that I needed to do anything, Kidoodle.TV has awesome titles) and distribute the amount to time that they are on it as well. Both girls have different profiles that are customizable (up to FIVE) and are only accessible when I put in the pass code. The Parents Room allows me to be in control.

  • Kidoodle.TV is a safe, ad-free streaming video service that you can customize for your kids according to your, and their, preferences
  • Make up to 5 custom kids’ profiles. Choose content based on your child’s age or on a show-by-show basis
  • Time limits can be placed on viewing through the secure Parents Room, allowing families to balance the time spent on Kidoodle.TV with other important activities
  • Watch Kidoodle.TV on the go – just need access to the Web
  • Kidoodle.TV has safe, kids-only content, including retro content from your childhood like Jem and the Holograms and Inspector Gadget

Nostalgia to The Max!

Gabby is loving all the shows that she can watch on her tablet, she asks me every night to watch Kidoodle.TV and I set an allotted time for her and off she goes. Some of the titles she is enjoying is Jem and The Holograms, Life, Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test to name a few. You can see her show you a little preview of Kidoodle.TV in the video above!


Perfect for Travel.

We will be traveling later this month and I know that we will be using Kidoodle.TV on both of their devices on the way up and on the way down. It is extremely affordable and is only $4.99/month. You simply cannot go wrong with that! Kidoodle.TV is offering all Whispered Inspirations readers a 25% off code for a year subscription to Kidoodle.TV.  This coupon expires June 30, 2014.  That is AMAZING! The discount code is MCC25.

[animated_button align=”center” animation=”pulse” color=”orange” size=”medium” text=”SIGN UP NOW” target=”_blank” url=”https://www.kidoodle.tv/register”]


Need a Device?

Kidoodle.TV is giving away 3 iPad Minis RIGHT NOW, just go to their Facebook page to enter, here. Kidoodle.TV is a great service, it is kid-approved and parent-approved. I fell in love with the fact that I know what and how much they’re watching and that they are being introduced to shows that I watched as a kid. It’s heartwarming.

Worried about streaming and the costs?

I was worried that while Kidoodle.TV is extremely affordable, that the streaming may cost me more on my internet bill. I contacted tech support for Kidoodle.TV to enquire how my usage would affect this and the quality that may run up my bill. Jared from Kidoodle.TV was amazing, he helped me calculate how much I could watch each day and which device.

So, rest easy.

According to my monthly GB allowance from my provider and all 4 devices that would use Kidoodle.TV, I’d have to watch A LOT to actually go over my allowance.

I’d have to use over 15 hours a day to go over my allowance, of course this is catered to my devices and the amount of gigs I pay for my internet provider. It will vary according to your situation, if you are unsure, you can always contact them. They are so helpful and prompt!



Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a 1-Year Subscription to Kidoodle.TV!  You may see this awesome giveaway across many blogs but, you can only WIN  on a single blog. Open to Canada, excluding Quebec.

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You Will Love It.

Get ready to hear and watch some of your most favorite cartoons from the past. Truly a service that is affordable, that kids will love and that you will too!

What is your favorite old school TV show?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Disclosure: I am part of the Kidoodle.TV blogger program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. This is exciting! I tried out Kidoodle a long time ago when it was in Beta testing and I loved it. but it was really limited on the TV shows it offered. I would love to try it again to see if the show choices have expanded!

  2. I live Angela Anaconda and Wayside School myself!!
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  3. This looks like it is a great idea for the kids. I know I used to spend a lot of time worrying about what they would see on television. Too much questionable stuff that sneaks in no matter how closely I monitored.

  4. KidoodleTV is awesome! All four of my kids love it and I love how kid-friendly it is and the variety of shows.

  5. This looks so cool! We could use an iPad mini in our house. My kids love all the shows on KidoodleTv

  6. Wow, this sounds so wonderful for kiddos. This is my first time hearing about Kidoodle TV and totally love that they're giving away iPads! Whoo hoo!
    My recent post Do You Forget To Buy Things On Your Shopping List too?

  7. This is a very nice and productive way for kids to spend their time. Instead of violent video games, parents should encourage their kids to play this game. 🙂

  8. I recently heard about this, this sounds like a wonderful way to keep kids safe from regular t.v. what a great idea!

  9. Kidoodle TV is great! My daughter likes it a lot.
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  10. We just signed up this week for a 2 week trial and I immediately logged on and watched an episode of Jem!! It was awesome. Then I created profiles for all 3 of my kids ages 9 (boy) – who has almost breezed through all the Sonic the Hedgehog shows, and my girls 7 and 4. I love that I can set the age parameters; although really, it is all seems like good titles. But the best is the time limits I can set — and we've made use of them.
    But it was pretty cool to sit and watch Jem with my girls and be transported back to childhood myself!

    I found there are not a lot of titles yet, but hopefully that is something that will come as it grows. Netflix has more titles – but I found that my kids can still get on the adult side because the profiles don't use passwords. All they have to do is click on the Adult icon. Due to that, Kidoodle would be a better choice in my opinion.

  11. I like watching Scooby-Doo. It isn't available on Kidoodle yet, but hopefully soon. We've been watching a lot of My Little Pony and Sabrina lately. I love that with this service kids can watch age appropriate shows.

  12. I don’t remember watching tv as a kid. For some reason Fraggle Rock just popped in my head!!! We signed up for the 4 week free trial. My son loves it. He could watch Rescue Bots and Transformers all day if I let him!

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