Leoo Smart Alert Nightlight: Listens, Notifies and Calls for Back-Up. #tech


Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight.

Owning a home requires you to think about safety. Especially when you have a family, you really think about it. You think about every type of scenario and you make sure that the devices that are meant to keep us safe are working properly. That means testing the carbon monoxide and fire alarms and making sure they work. 



Enter the Leeo.

The Leeo is a nightlight that not only lights your way in the dark but, is like a watchful guardian. It helps you test out your alarms and makes sure that you are up and running. It can also give you the temperature and humidity of your home and send you notifications to your phone when things aren’t right or how you’ve set them. For example, if it gets too warm or too cold.

More About Leeo:
  • Always Awake
  • Light, your way
  • Set your nightlight’s color and brightness from anywhere.
  • Bright at night
  • Use the ambient light setting so the nightlight turns on when the lights are low.
  • Smart sensors
  • Monitor your home’s climate and get alerts when you want them.
  • Simple setup
  • Just plug it in and connect it to your home’s WiFi using the Leeo app.



Get Connected.

The Leeo app is free to download and fairy easy to set-up. I had a bit of trouble connecting it first because of my WiFi connections but, Leeo support helped me out in a jiffy. I connected my iPhone to my Leeo, set up a new residence and chose the color that I wanted. All you need is a WiFi connection, iPhone 4S or later running iOS 7+ or Android phone running 4.3+. I also set up and tested my alarms and was given the all clear. 

The Leeo can hear your home and the Leeo’s Smart Alerts allow you to listen to your alarms remotely and dial 911 if necessary. You can build your contact list and add contact information for friends, family members, or neighbors you trust. Leeo will invite your contacts to receive phone alerts if you can’t respond.


My New BFF.

I love having the control in my hand and being able to monitor the house. It’s a peace of mind for my husband and I. Not to mention, I can make it pink and pretty! Even though he doesn’t always like it! That’s the beauty of it and you have over 16 million color options to choose from. Change the color according to your mood or home decor, it’s up to you!


Be Prepared.

In addition to making sure that we are safe in our home, Leoo sent us a package so that we are always ready for any emergency. With bars to eat, a water bottle, blanket and First Aid kit in a sturdy back pack–we had the beginnings of an emergency package. We have it stored away in case we need it and have added a few more things that we would need.

Leeo is the nicest nightlight I have ever owned, not only is it functional, it is gorgeous. Luckily, I haven’t had any smoke alarm emergencies to be notified of but, I do get notifications when it’s time to re-test the alarms. On top of that, I can always check the temp and humidity. 

For only $99, it is peace of mind for a low price. You simply cannot go wrong!

If you’re looking for a great way to secure your home, look no further. Get the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight. For more information, you can head over to the Leeo website. They have excellent support staff and are a great bunch. You can always send @Leeo a tweet or check them out on Facebook, here

Is home security important for you?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. The Leoo is so cool! I love that it's monitoring so much at all times. I think it's genius that it has an app as well.
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  2. I love all the color options of the LEOO. cause I always change my mind what i want. But I also love that it can send alerts if something isn't right in the house.

  3. I have something similar to this except it is called a Sun Lamp. It comes on when the sun begins to rise. It is really neat.
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  4. This is awesome! I have never seen this before and will be showing this to my husband. He has been wanting to get a home security device for our house. This looks like a good option!

  5. I think this is a wonderful product that could really provide a world of extra security to my home. My kids are also scared of the dark so this could help them there.

  6. Leoo looks like it is great, but I have to admit this is yet another reminder to set up some sort of emergency kit.

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