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CityPASS Toronto: Seeing the City at Night at The CN Tower Plus The Tower Experience. #travel


The CN Tower.

Toronto is one of our favorite cities, no matter how many times we visit, we always find something new to enjoy. But, there’s always things that you have to do every single time you visit. One of those things is visiting the CN Tower. Toronto’s iconic landmark that is 1,136 ft./346m high at the look out level.

When we travel, we always want to get a bang for our buck. That means that we always check to see if CityPASS is available at the location where we will be visiting. Luckily, Toronto was one of those cities and we were stoked to take on Toronto.

CityPASS has a lot of destinations and they offer quite a few attractions with each booklet and the Toronto pass didn’t disappoint.




Making the Journey UP.

It was a chilly and super windy night in Toronto and making the trip up in the elevator was both exciting yet nerve-racking. Since it was so windy, the tower was swaying more than usual and the elevators would rub against the tower. The only great thing about it is that we took a longer ride up since they slowed down the elevators.

Yeah, it was pretty wicked.

Once we were up, we were welcomed by a city alive with lights. If you visit the CN Tower, you really must do it at night. The last time we were in the city we visited during the day. It is as equally spectacular but, there’s something about seeing it at night.


Glass Floor, Anyone?
Yes, please!

Are you brave enough to step onto the glass floor and look down? We definitely were and let me tell you, it is an exhilarating experience.  Those little lights at our feet are actually cars and it’s a long way down from here.

This was the girls’ favorite part of visiting the CN Tower. Of course, it isn’t the most thrilling since there is the SkyPod observation level: 33 stories above the main observation levels. Cost for CityPASS holders: $12 CAD. Available at the base and LookOut levels.

More About the CN Tower:

A Wonder of the Modern World, the CN Tower is Canada’s most celebrated architectural triumph with Toronto’s most spectacular views – day or night. This Toronto must-see is a world-class entertainment and dining destination. Explore two observation levels up to 1,136 ft/346m, the world-famous Glass Floor at 1,122 ft./342m with outdoor SkyTerrace, and access to attractions such as the CN Tower story in the Height of Excellence film, and the new film The Red Rocket: Toronto by Trolley.



Explore the Tower.

If you are hungry, you can always dine in the 3 locations available at the CN Tower. There’s the 360 Restaurant, Horizons Restaurant and Bar & Le Café. Make sure you make reservations ahead of time if you want to dine at the 360 Restaurant. If you want a quick bite, you can head to the other two locations.

 More Tips:
  • Mornings before 11am and evenings after 7pm are the least crowded.
  • 360 Restaurant: Reservations are recommended and may be made online or by calling (416) 362-5411.
  • Shop at the CN Tower gift shop and save 10% with the coupon in the back of your CityPASS booklet.
  • Up for an even bigger adventure? Try EdgeWalk, a thrilling outdoor hands-free walk. Cost: $195 CAD plus tax. More information and reservations: (855) 553-3833 or see details.


Grab a CityPASS!
And head on down to Toronto! 

Booklets are $64/adult and $41/child and believe me, it is worth every penny! You will save 40% off combined attraction prices. The Toronto CityPASS will grant you access to the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, the Toronto Zoo and the Ontario Science Centre. Grab your passes, here.

I will show you a couple more destinations like Casa Loma and The Toronto Zoo that we visited during our stay in Toronto. If you are looking for San Francisco destinations with CityPASS, you can see our bay adventure, here.

How do you save money when you travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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