The Pros and Cons of Living in Thomas Circle in DC

A beautiful cityscape of Thomas Circle in DC.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Thomas Circle in DC

A trendy neighbourhood in Washington, DC, that is desirable for singles, and married professionals is Thomas Circle. Washington, DC is the capital of the United States and meets along the Potomac River. It borders the states of Maryland and Virginia.

Firstly, Neoclassical monuments and government buildings distinguish the city.

Secondly, Thomas Circle, DC is located between Logan and Dupont Circles. It is sought after for its trendy feel, access to premium retail, dining, social and cultural activities, and excellent entertainment.

Close to Amenities

The neighbourhood of Thomas Circle is built around the traffic circle and within walking distance to many amenities. For the reason, it makes it easy to complete daily errands.

Also, you’ll love the many attractions, venues, and storefront in the area.

Thomas Circle DC is adjacent to the southern boundary of the Greater 14th Street and Logan Circle Historic District. It marks the boundaries between downtown 14th street and uptown 14th street.

It is considered the gateway to the Logan Circle, Shaw, and U Street Corridor neighbourhoods.

Why consider this location?

For instance, there are several pros to living in this neighbourhood, which is an incredibly multicultural and active community. Residents can explore many other cultures and be a part of a thriving community.

You’d have the flexibility for a choice of work, and the area is made up of professionals in virtually every field. From government workers, diplomats, lawyers, emerging markets, and finance.

A reason for the diversity in professions in Thomas Circle is its centralized location and closeness to the metro, and Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and Downtown, DC.


The neighbourhood has a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy, including good schools for families. Here are some advantages of living in Thomas Circle, DC:

  • An ample number of things to do – You’ll find plenty of cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, festivals, great restaurants, and outdoor recreation to enjoy.
  • Reasonable weather and four seasons – Washington DC is in the mid-Atlantic region and has relatively mild climates. Residents can look forward to the beauty of the seasonal changes.
  • Great location – It is in a central location offering quick and easy access to downtown.
  • An assortment of people – Many people with different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and economic levels call Thomas Circle home.


Like any neighbourhood in Washington, DC, there can be some disadvantages. Here are some drawbacks that should be considered about living in Thomas Circle, DC:

  • Cost of Living and Housing – Housing and cost of living in the neighbourhood are high, but its high amongst most areas in DC. On the plus side, to compensate for the higher cost of living, people’s salaries tend to be higher.
  • Awful Traffic – However, there is a lot of congestion and traffic in the neighbourhood, and commuting can be stressful.

Is it for you?

Although there are some cons to living in the Thomas Circle neighbourhood, there are lots of advantages. The community hosts frequent social events and gatherings.

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Thus, giving it a powerful sense of an active community and the opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

Furthermore, if you like nightlife, you got options. With its numerous restaurants, music venues, and art galleries, residents, will never lack for something to do.

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A beautiful cityscape of Thomas Circle in DC. A banner reads, "Pros and Cons of living in Thomas Circle, DC."

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