Differences Between Men & Women’s Metal Accessories

Woman stands in a field and smiles, you can see her wearing a trendy outfit and various metal accessories.

Differences Between Men & Women’s Metal Accessories

There are lots of differences between men and women, and they show up most of all in the things we wear.

Fashion and style are approached in totally different ways, and sometimes in total opposites.

However, there is one unifying thing that we both do, and it uses metal to accessorize.

Metal is a tough material, so it’s great for complimenting a masculine style. However, it’s also very pliable thus it can bend and contort easily. Making it perfect for a feminine style too.

These are the different ways we wear metal and the different reasons for why we style metal in unique ways.

Mass and rigid lines

The cufflink has been around for a couple of centuries now. Once upon a time when Beau Brummell was in charge of the King’s wardrobe, cufflinks only just got out onto the scene.

Now, however, cufflinks are quite common.

The most used material is stainless steel. It can be shaped into anything and with the right skills. Plus, it can be polished to a high sheen.

Stainless steel cufflinks can also house precious stones. It’s quite a touch of class to have steel cufflinks encapsulating a sapphire or ruby gemstone. However, men also wear metal upfront in their high-end fashion.

The tie bar is not only practical, but it’s a rigid line that cuts across the suit which can be levelled at chest height.

The metal bar, accentuates the lines and proportions of the man, stylishly adding to his figure.

Intricate and expressive

Women’s fashion is inherently much more flexible and expressive. This is why ring earrings are very popular these days.

They allow you to wear multiple earrings alongside each other. They do this without breaking up your silhouette yet still varying your style with different colors and shapes.

Silver helix Huggies piercings, with dangling bird wings, are alluring and classy. Cartilage hoops can run up the ear, it makes them a style statement that is also practical. You can wear these types of earrings while you workout in the gym.

Women also wear metal, unlike any other way that men do. Metal ankle bracelets are sexy, stylish and alluring.

They hark back to the ancient Egyptian days when princesses would wear ankle bracelets made from pure gold.

Snake chain necklaces are becoming very popular. Ones with finely crafted pieces shimmering as if the necklace was a liquid.

Different metal styles

The most common metal in fashion and style is stainless steel. This is a versatile metal that is mainly used as a gritty symbol of strength and being down to earth.

Copper is more of classic metal, great for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, worn in hotter countries.

Silver is an enchanting metal, brilliant for earrings and jewelry headbands.

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Gold is the most mysterious and beautiful metal, worn only for the sake of high-end outfits for when you’re really trying to impress.

Men are more likely to wear silver and steel, whereas women look better in gold and silver.

Metal accessories have always been popular and as long as we hold value in them, we will continue to use this material to express our style and who we are.

I know that I am obsessed!

Do you wear metal accessories?





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