The Real Cost of Beauty in 2021

Woman sprays her face with skincare products in the bathroom. This article covers the real cost of beauty in 2021.

The Real Cost of Beauty in 2021

Many people would agree that the price of beauty can’t easily be accounted for. Beauty itself is priceless.

The honest truth is that you can add up all the receipts for the money you’ve spent on things like weight loss, beauty treatments, spa visits, cosmetics, hair care products and fragrances.

If you were to do so, you’d probably cringe at how much you’ve been spending.

Globally, beauty is a $500 billion industry. On an individual basis, typical American women spend an average of $313 per month on their self-care and beauty regimens.

Kaitlyn McLintock at Byrdie.com points out that, over the course of a lifetime, this adds up to $225,360.

That’s a staggering sum of money. Enough to buy a modest house or put your child through college.

Are you curious about how your own spending on beauty stacks up against the average?

Here’s how much people are generally spending on various beauty treatments, cosmetics and products.

Skincare Products

In the United States, Statista.com reports that most consumers are spending less than $50 on skincare products over a three-month period.

That works out to about $16 per month or less on skincare products.

However, about 75.6 million American consumers spend more than $16 per month on skincare products.

1.68 million of these consumers are spending the astounding sum of $500 or more over 3 months, which averages out to a minimum of $166 per month.

Beauty Treatments and Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures aren’t essential for appearing beautiful. Despite this reality, many women are spending extravagantly on these procedures.

Before COVID-19 became an issue, cosmetic surgery was a $50.67 billion industry in the United States.

This particular market can be divided into two segments: surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Before COVID-19, breast reduction, chin augmentation, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and liposuction were among the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures.

The costs for these procedures vary significantly, but typically they amount to thousands of dollars.

Non-surgical procedures were in high demand before COVID-19 became an issue, which is still the case in 2021.

What is in Demand?

Dermal fillers stand out as being particularly popular. In these procedures, the clinician uses a filler such as botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid or calcium filler to fill in wrinkles, enhance facial features or add volume to the cheeks.

These procedures’ costs are highly variable because it depends on multiple factors, including how much filler exactly, the recipient needs.

In the United States, the most popular treatments typically cost upwards of $800 US.

In Melbourne, Australia, the lowest price for dermal fillers from a trustworthy provider is about $350 AU.

However, it is possible to obtain treatments from inexperienced providers for somewhat less than that.

Haircare and Hair Products

Before COVID-19 motivated us to re-think our beauty routines, we spent a lot more on hair care and hair products than we do now.

A 2018 survey revealed how much women typically spent on hair care before COVID: about $80 per month, which adds up to $960 per year.

In 2021, it’s possible to get by without spending as much as you used to on hair care. Since so many salons have closed, nobody’s going to judge you if you decide to skip getting a haircut this month.

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Since COVID-19 became an issue, sales of hair trimmers and at-home hair colouring kits have skyrocketed.

Doing your hair at home can result in substantial savings compared to the costs of having your hair coloured at a salon.

Beyond that, it’s beneficial to be aware that there are heaps of things you can do to take better care of your hair without spending money on products.

For example, it’s frequently possible to tame frizzy hair simply by drying your hair less frequently and easing down on the heat you apply to it.

The Real Price of Beauty in 2021

It would be impossible for us to give you an exact total on what beauty really costs to be beautiful in 2021.

At least, hopefully, the data we’ve shared above gives you a realistic idea of how much other people are spending as they attempt to attain beauty.

How has your beauty routine change in 2020/2021?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Woman sprays her face with skincare products in the bathroom. This article covers the real cost of beauty in 2021.

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