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9 Reasons Why Staying at Couples Resort in Algonquin is EXACTLY What You Need

The entryway to the Couples Resort shows the sign atop a green hill.

Staying at Couples Resort is EXACTLY What You Need

Tucked away near the shores of Galeairy Lake near Algonquin Park is a romantic haven where couples visit to be at one with nature and one another.

Whether you’ve been married for years like us or if you have a new and budding relationship, a stay at Couples Resort is EXACTLY what you need!

I’ve always been a firm believer that the more you invest in your marriage or partnership, the more valuable it becomes.

That’s why Darasak and I always make it a point to get away for a few days, without the kids, free of guilt, and take the time to enjoy each other.

What I love about Couples Resorts in Algonquin is that not only does it provide a romantic atmosphere in picturesque Ontario but, it provides everything you need to strengthen your bond as a couple.

Why Stay Here?

With the busy bustle of life and work, it’s easy to forget to devote time to one another. Parents often forget that they were best friends with mutual interests before they had kids.

Couples without kids are just as busy with many things on the go. That’s why a stay at the Couples Resort is essential.

A place to reconnect, indulge, go on an adventure, and work together as a pair.

Algonquin is an incredibly beautiful place, I hate to admit that even though I live in Ontario, I haven’t made it up here as often as I’d like.

Growing up in Southwestern Ontario, coming up to Algonquin is definitely a treat. There are many things that we just don’t see further down South.

The resort is located 3 1/2 hours north of Toronto and about 3 hours west of Ottawa.

We had the chance to experience a couples-only, all-inclusive stay at Couples Resort in a Jr. Suite. I’ve heard great reviews about this resort and I was very excited to try it out and share it with Darasak.

We love family travel but, we love traveling as a couple too.

Read on for the 9 reasons why a stay at Couples Resort may just be what your relationship needs!

A cabin at Couples Resort outlooks the beautiful greenery and lake.
A Dodge Challenger is pictured coming down the drive, cabins are pictured behind it.
A building with balconies with private hot tubs are shown. It is right by the water and canoes are docked.


Luxurious Accommodations

Couples Resort is a rustic, 5-star boutique luxury resort. It’s actually one of the things that we look for when we get away as a couple.

Boutique hotels and resorts offer a unique stay, every time, and Couples Resort doesn’t disappoint. Each room and cottage is designed individually.

The styles vary from Opulent Old European to Boutique Algonquin Style. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice the resort grounds are well-kept and gorgeous.

A beautiful king size bed is shown with a loveseat at the end of the bed. It's styled in a traditional old world style.
The same bed is pictured and a wood burning fireplace is shown next to a tv stand.
An indoor hot tub is being filled and is surrounded by wooden planks.
A bistro set for two is shown inside the room.
Tissues and an ECO brand of lotion, soap and toiletries are shown.
The bathroom is wooden blanks also, very rustic and a toilet and sink are shown.
ECO toiletries, face towels, are in a basket.
A closer look of the bathroom sink.

Our Jr. Suite on the top floor was gorgeous in all of its rustic splendor. It is styled with real cedar wood, marble, and granite bathroom and features a King-sized bed by designer Marshall Mattress.

A sweet bonus is a large double in-room Jacuzzi, an outdoor hot tub on a private balcony, and, a 50-inch flat screen equipped with Netflix.

Yes, you can binge-watch your shows with no interruptions, y’all.

While these cabins are considered the “Best-Value” at the resort, they include almost everything the other accommodations do.

One of the most appealing features of the room is the wood-burning fireplace. While it was a bit warm to use this time around, during the Fall and the winter months, this would be amazing and incredibly romantic.



Being a parent is one of the best roles that I’ve ever had the privilege to hold but, being able to enjoy a hot tub, jacuzzi, a long, hot shower, and Netflix uninterrupted was amazing.

It was nice to just be able to relax, read, journal, have a little screen time, and not have a worry in the world.

The rooms are made for pure relaxation and relax we did.

I love that it had an in-room Keurig, mini-fridge, and a table to enjoy a meal or morning coffee. A nice touch was having bug spray in the rooms so that you can enjoy the resort and its amenities outdoors without pesky mosquitos.

Needless to say, they’ve thought of everything when it comes to helping you celebrate or re-connect and these luxurious digs certainly help.

The view of the lake and canoes from one of the balconies.


All-Inclusive, Couples Only & BYOW

Staying at an all-inclusive resort is worth it. Couples Resort has 46 accommodations and 75, lovely staff to help make your stay memorable.

It’s nice not having to worry about anything and if they haven’t already thought about it, you can always ask.

There are various packages to choose from and each one has the couple in mind. Whether you are looking for a Relaxing Indulgence, Romance Getaway, Spa Pampering, or Activities and Sports, there’s a package that can suit everyone. See all the packages, here.

Since it is a 4-season resort, you can come at any time of the year and enjoy what each season offers.

I would love to return when the trees start changing or experience winter here too. I can only imagine that it is incredible!

A unique aspect of this resort is that you are able to bring your own wine and beverages. If you have a preference for a certain kind, you can enjoy it with your meals and you are not charged a corkage fee.

PRICES INCLUDE the following (In ALL 4 Packages):

A) Private Outdoor Hot Tub and In-room Double Jacuzzi
1) BYOW – NO WINE CORKAGE FEE for Evening Dinner
2) 5 Course Gourmet Dinner OR Free Dinner Room Service
3) Gourmet Breakfast OR Free Breakfast in bed service
4) Algonquin Park Pass (see office)
5) Gym with Sauna, Billiard Tables, Darts, and Shuffleboard.
6) Firewood
7) Free Streaming Wifi
8) 2 In-Room Bottled Water, Coffee, and Tea
9) Coffee, Teas, Sodas, Juices, and Water at the Dining Room and Bar
10) 2 EXTRA Sides for breakfast.

A delicious french toast filled with cream cheese and blueberries with a side of oranges on a plate. On a breakfast plate with salt and pepper and 2 glasses of apple juice.
The view of the patio from the Couples Resort patio.
A garden salad and a delicious grilled chicken panini.
The Couples Resort old world style dining room.
A table for two at the Couples Resort restaurant.


5-Course Dining Experience

The food is definitely one of the top reasons to stay here. Executive Chef, Ronnie Coppens leads the Culinary Team. They focus on 1st class service while providing the freshest and the highest quality products.

The best part is that they offer Ontario-produced products too.

We enjoyed a delicious chicken Panini with herbed Havarti, greens, tomato, and chipotle aioli for lunch. Served with a yummy salad with house dressing. It is something that we still talk about since it was so good.

The dining room is gorgeous and is surrounded by large windows. They let in natural light during the day and it was a treat to sit by the window with the lake as our view.

The only meal that is not covered under the all-inclusive price is lunch but, you can come in and enjoy a meal a la carte. You can see the menu, here.

A delicious appetizer stuffed with quinoa and green beans.
A phyllo wrapped appetizer stuffed with delicious quinoa.
A pork rib on an apple sauce.
A cucumber slice made into a bowl with diced watermelon with a side of green salad.
A shrimp appetizer atop a mango chutney.
A perfectly grilled steak is placed on fingerling potatoes in aus jus.
A full picture of steak with fingerling potatoes, broccolini, and aux jus.
A delicious chocolate mousse with berry compote.
A coffee-based dessert with cream and strawberries.
Darasak is in a robe in bed and looks at the room service menu.

Dinner is quite the affair. It is a chance to get dolled up and enjoy an incredible meal with great service, amazing conversation, and live entertainment.

Dinner service has a dress code and it is quite popular with resort guests. I know that I don’t often get to get dressed up as often as I’d like.

The gents wear semi-formal and the ladies wear cocktail attire.

But, here’s the kicker…

The beauty of the all-inclusive meals is that you can enjoy your meals in the comfort of your own room. Soft, satiny robes et al. We decided to have breakfast and dinner in our room.

Eating a delectable French toast stuffed with berries and cream cheese whilst sitting on our patio balcony early in the morning was everything.

Then for dinner, we stayed in, wore our robes, enjoyed a 5-course meal, and then hopped into the hot tub outside with drinks.

Our food was incredible, our steak cooked just right and the dessert was impeccable.

You can see what we enjoyed but, you can see the full menus, here.

The view of the lake from inside a canoe.
A look back at Couples Resort from a canoe in the lake.
A look across the Couples Resort from inside a canoe on the lake.
Darasak stares out onto the lake.
A look of the rental building where you can pick up everything you need from bikes to life jackets.


The Grounds

The first thing we did after getting settled into our room was to explore the resort grounds. There are plenty of places where you can get an incredible view of Galeairy Lake.

We walked out near the fire pits in front of the dining room, onto the boat dock, sat hand in hand, and took in nature.

The air is fresher, the water bluer, and the silence–beautiful. We sat in silence for a little while and it was a moment we will always remember.

I say that Algonquin has a little piece of my heart now and experiencing the still moments that it offers, it’s no surprise people yearn to come back.

Darasak enjoys the private hot tub on the balcony.
Darasak enjoys the hot tub and lays back and is one with nature.
The outside pool at the Couples Resort is surrounded by the lake.
A closer look at the pool, where pool meets lake meets sky.


Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi & the Pool

As I mentioned, you have your very own, private and in-room hot tub and jacuzzi. These are two elements that we used a lot during our stay.

It’s nice to not have to share a hot tub with other resort guests, while it’s great to mingle, it’s pretty awesome to have one of your own.

Especially on the balcony and you can use it whenever you want. The jacuzzi is great to have during the cold months.

Just picture relaxing in the tub with a fire going.


The outdoor pool is shared of course and it has a beautiful view of Galeairy Lake. It is a salt-water pool that is 20 feet X 40 feet, it opens on the May Long weekend and stays open until Labour Day weekend.

You don’t have to worry about the temperature as it is 82’F & 28’C.

You can take a dip between 10 AM and 7 PM. Plus, you can enjoy food and drinks served by the staff at the lakeside patio.

If you want to bring your own drinks and snacks, there’s a self-service patio with three areas overlooking Galeairy Lake.

One area is the double fire-pit patio, if you’re a smoker, you can do it here.

The other two areas are non-smoking and it is the pool patio and the Couples Chaise lounges patio. It’s safe to say, there’s a place to enjoy for everyone.

At night, you can enjoy sitting around the fire pits too.

Darasak enjoys the jacuzzi again but switches sides.


The Spa

Getting away with your partner for a romantic getaway in a gorgeous place goes hand in hand with relaxation.

That often includes spa treatments that are good for your body and soul.

Luckily, Couples Resort has an on-site spa that has 6 rooms and is 100% natural, organic, and solar-powered.

So, whether you came here simply for spa treatments or to get out in nature, your body will thank you for giving it a bit of R&R.

We didn’t get a chance to book a treatment since our days were pretty packed. But, when we come back–we definitely will.

Services provided are massages, hot stones, body molding, head massage, manicures, pedicures, footicals, scrubs, wraps, facials and even waxing.

To find out more about treatments and how to book them on your visit, go here

The tip of the canoe on the lake.
A wife and husband canoe on the lake, the wife takes a selfie and the husband paddles.
The Couples Resort is pictured on the way back to park the canoe.


On-Site Activities

The first thing we did in the morning after a good night’s sleep was head to the Sports Centre. We wanted to see if we could get out on the lake since it was a gorgeous day.

The center has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in spring, summer, winter, or fall.

They also have a wide array of all-weather clothing, outerwear, footwear, hats, and accessories & apparel in case you forgot something at home.

During the summer, they offer a wide array of activities. From horseback riding, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle-boating and they have row boats or motor boats to use as well.

You can get onto Galeairy Lake and take the 4-hour trip and visit one of their waterfalls.

What I loved about getting into a canoe was that you can go at your own pace.

You can stop along the way or you can go as fast as you’d like. The best part is that it is so peaceful and tranquil.

We’d stop for a bit and just take in the breeze and the sights.

It was amazing! 

After our lake adventure, we decided to go to the Algonquin Lookout, a 1 km trail to see Algonquin from the top! We also stopped at other trails along the way.

If being indoors is more your jam, Couples Resort has a rec room that you’ll love. You’ll find 3 slate billiard tables, 1 ping-pong table, 1 foosball table, 1 shuffleboard table, 2 dart boards, and 2 seating areas.

You can also get your game on and use their 2 regulation-size tennis courts with all the racquets and balls provided.

Plus, there’s a regulation-size badminton court with all the racquets and birdies provided too.

Darasak looks high at the height of the trees at a nearby trail.
A view of Algonquin from many a trail near Couples Resort.
Darasak hikes up to a rock and looks over, it's a far shot and the woods are seen.
Darasak looks out onto Algonquin from the very top of a walking trail.
The top bed of Algonquin.
Another shot of Darasak overlooking Algonquin.


Off-Site Activities

The perk of staying at Couples Resort is the close proximity to Algonquin Park. If you are unfamiliar with Algonquin, you can literally spend an entire day there doing so many things.

Like hiking, kayaking, bird watching–you name it.

Algonquin Park contains numerous historical and archaeological resources and has inspired more than 40 books, 1,800 scientific papers, a dozen films, a symphony, and the art of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.

Algonquin Park, the first provincial park in Ontario, protected from the noise and rush of civilization, this world-renowned park in Ontario is a sanctuary for the rugged beauty of the maple, pine, moose, and wolves. A Provincial Park since 1893, the 7500 square kilometers (3500 square miles) of Algonquin Park are home to a diverse and unblemished eco-system that can be found nowhere else on earth.

Other things you can enjoy at Algonquin are: 

  • 17 Hiking trails from casual to ambitious
  • Canoeing from paddle to the portage
  • Wildlife spotting from loon to moose
  • Visitor Centre information and activities
  • Art Centre and Logging Museum
  • Algonquin Art Gallery
Darasak leans on his Dodge Challenger while he overlooks the lake.
One of many lakes on the way to Couples Resort.
A mama black bear crosses the highway with three cubs.
An empty highway with a moose sign that says, "Next 60 km".


The Scenic Drive, Hikes & Outlooks

The drive to Couples Resort and Algonquin is incredibly scenic. For a city girl who doesn’t get to see much nature, it was an amazing drive.

You can stop and take in picturesque landscapes at various outlook points.

Small little stores and diners that you can indulge in and stands where you can buy fresh and local produce.

Not to mention, depending on the time you visit or just pure luck, you may see wildlife you have never seen before in the wild.

We saw 4 bears on our day out at Algonquin and it was something I will never forget. You can also see moose depending on the time of year.

This time, they were a bit elusive and we didn’t get a chance to see them. We also stopped at the Visitor Centre and you can learn a lot about the park before you head out and enjoy it.

A final shot the canoes parked on the grass by the lake with the resorts in the background.

Plan Your Trip

Our stay at Couples Resort was a memorable one. The ability to do everything or nothing at all is beautiful and amidst all the chaos of life, it was exactly what we needed. 

If you are a bit more adventurous, Algonquin offers a number of great campgrounds, be sure to try spending a weekend camping in one of them. 

I am lucky to be married to my best friend and we spend a lot of time together. But, there is nothing like being able to completely dedicate your time to your partner.

Even if it is for a couple of days, you are each other’s universe.

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One thing is for sure, I found that all the activities we did and enjoyed together involved teamwork. A simple thing as taking a canoe out onto a lake had us working together and helped us strengthen our bond and create memories for a lifetime.

We can’t wait to return to the Couples Resort and no matter which point you are in your relationship, this is a great place to discover one another all over again.

Be Social

For more information about booking your stay, visit the Couples Resort website. They have various types of accommodations to choose from, so whatever your style is, you’re covered.

For their latest updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Couples Resort

139 Galeairy Lake Rd,(End of)
Whitney – Algonquin Park, On, K0J 2M0.
Toll Free:+1 866 202-1179
FAX:+1 613 637 2615


9 Reasons Why Staying at Couples Resort in Algonquin is EXACTLY What You Need!

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