Rice Krispies Treats for Toys Results: See How YOU Made a Difference This Holiday Season. #TreatsForToys


Treats for Toys Results.
The results are in!

If you remember, for every original photo of a Rice Krispies treat which was posted to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account between Oct. 1/14 – Dec. 21/14 including the hashtag #treatsfortoys in the post, Kellogg’s promised to donate $20.00 to The Salvation Army (up to $30,000), which was to be used to buy toys for children across Canada. 

We contributed by sharing our race car and bunny rabbit, we even made a snow man! I am in love with this campaign and I look forward to it every year. It’s such an easy way to give back during the holidays and I tell anyone who will listen to make some treats and share them. That way, one child will have a toy on Christmas. 

Treats for Toys-Results


And You Did.
So how many treats were made? 

A total of 1, 086 treats were made, that’s a total of $21, 270 dollars raised for the Salvation Army to donate $20 toys to children during the holidays. That is 1, 086 children who did not go without a toy on Christmas and to me, that is amazing. I know that the holidays tend to be a season of over-indulgence and one may think that one gift won’t make much of a difference. When in reality, it can make a world of a difference to a child. 

Growing up, I appreciated any gift that I received. There were 3 of us and what we received on Christmas morning didn’t amount to the mountains of gifts that kids get today. One toy can really make a difference in the life of a child. 

This coming year, I made a “revolution” to open my mind and palate to new cultures and experiences and in my journey, I’m hoping to give back along the way. There’s always small ways to give back all year-round and then come back full-circle to the Rice Krispies Treats for Toys initiative at the end of the year!

Ways to Give Back:
  • De-clutter your home and donate toys and clothes to your nearest donation center.
  • Make a donation to the Salvation Army.
  • Donate your time and volunteer to a cause near and dear to you.
  • Sponsor a child.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Start a community garden so that no one goes without veggies in your neighborhood. 
  • Baking? Double your batch and take it to your local police station or fire station.
  • Run a can drive or cereal drive for lower-income schools.


Thanks for Giving Back!

I just want to thank any of my lovely friends and readers that gave to this cause. It really is a great feeling knowing that so many kids had a gift this Christmas because of great companies and people like YOU who really care! 

Hope all of your holidays were great and blessed and give yourselves a round of applause for creating 1, 086 treats for toys this year!

If you participated this year, what did you create?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. There are just so many causes these days that need attention,i love when a company jumps right in and helps make awareness,its inspiring!

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