A Little Update

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A Little Update

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated.

Life and work have kept me pretty busy. But, things are moving along pretty smoothly. My pregnancy is moving along more quickly than I expected but, I sure can’t complain. I’m due for my second ultrasound this week and it’s super exciting. This is truly one of the best decisions we could have made at this point in our lives. I’ve long missed the baby years!

Life and creation in itself is something that is truly amazing. Some women do not realize what a gift it is to have the ability to create and give birth to a life. It’s something that I most definitely do not take for granted. Some people do not have that privilege and it’s something that is truly sad.

Sibling Love

Anyway, I visited with the in-laws the other night for my FIL’s birthday and there were tons of belly rubbing and hugging. Their prediction is a little boy but, I couldn’t be happier with either.

I honestly would love to have a little girl that way Gabby can have a little sister. Growing up and even now, I am blessed to have older siblings. They are the only ones that are there after any storm. I’d feel terrible if I never gave Gabby the sibling love I have.

So, I can only imagine what is in store for me the upcoming months.

This pregnancy feels much different than the first that’s for sure. I have been a bit more ill and a lot more TIRED but, not so frequently, which is a blessing.

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Regardless, I’m only looking forward to the positive things in this experience and in life in general.  Anything or anyone bearing negativity can hence move towards the door or keep their mouths shut because quite frankly, I want nothing to do with it.

So far, it’s been an enjoyable experience!

I can’t wait to meet my little Jelly Bean! I’ve already been singing to JB on a daily basis (poor baby!) and playing music every day!

I think my baby is going to come out a rocker!

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree they say, right?

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