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Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

A painted white brick wall, with a teal nightstand with two pictures on the wall and flowers on the table. An easy way to decorate on a budget.

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to decorating your home on a budget, it is almost always successful when you plan ahead. Decide on what style you want to have in your home, take a look around and consider these home decorating ideas.

Start Some DIY

When you don’t want to break the bank and make your house a home, taking on some DIY projects is a safe bet. You can build a gorgeous piece for your home for a fraction of the price of a manufactured. Best of all, it’s custom. So, it will fit your home and decorations perfectly.

The same can be said about installing new flooring, painting, re-doing your cabinets, or as aforementioned, making furniture.

You can even make your own art or use free printables that can help you create easy and stylish wall art. Basically for the cost of picture frames!

Make an Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home over. With just a quart of paint, you can a freshly painted accent wall that becomes a focal point. If you have some tape, you can even make a herringbone, chevron, or stripes design.

If you choose not to paint, you can get wallpaper for one wall for a relatively affordable cost. Plus, wallpaper is making a big comeback. Don’t shy away from it!

On top of an accent wall, you can use paint to customize and refresh your home by stencilling a floor, repainting your cabinets, or whitewashing brick walls.

Shop Secondhand

One of my best decorating tips on a budget is this one. Ever hear that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure? With a little elbow grease, a fresh coat of paint, and imagination–you can decorate your home for very low-cost. Sometimes, you can even get great second-hand decor and furniture for free.

Going to reuse centers (like Habitat for Humanity) and places where relatively good materials are brought in is a good option.

Thrift Stores are a favourite for smaller decor items and checking out Kijiji or Craigslist are another source for finding good items at low prices.

Use companies like Furniturebox to pick up affordable pieces of furniture, it can be worth keeping tabs on the latest online deals too.

Improve Lighting

You will be surprised at what a new light fixture can do. Especially if the one you have is outdated or doesn’t match your new style. In addition, adding more light elements can really make your new home decor shine. Similarly, you can choose neutral lamps or floor lamps to boost your decor and really set the mood. Lighting can be bought or purchased secondhand for an affordable price.

Don’t Forget Your Fifth Wall

We often forget the “fifth wall” and that can be a mistake. A great way to freshen up your home is by giving your ceiling a new coat of paint. Choosing white can make a room appear bigger. You can also install wooden beams for a rustic look or add new light fixtures that really draw your eye up.

Show Off Collectibles

If you happen to collect certain items, you can arrange them neatly so that they add to your decor. It can be a great way to free up some storage space while displaying something that you love.

Change the Shower Curtain

Want to spruce up your bathroom in a few minutes? Change the shower curtain. You can makeover a bathroom and change it’s entire look simply by doing this. Watch out for sales or bring back a linen one that you haven’t used in a while. Don’t forget the liner!

Get New Cabinet Hardware

Hardware can completely change the look of any piece. That includes furniture and your cabinets. Simply by replacing your current hardware knobs for different ones can change the feel of your home instantly. Plus, it’s a very cheap upgrade!

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

If it’s in the budget or you have your eye on sales, change out your kitchen and bathroom’s faucets. It’s surprising at what a huge difference that can make. You can go from outdated to modern in an instant or go from outdated to rustic too. Look out for sales where you can get hardware for half the price or taxes off.

Repurpose a Ladder

A great way to organize and add a nice rustic look to your home is by repurposing an old ladder. You can use it to organize and hang your throw blankets. You can change the throws seasonally to add seasonal decor. It serves as decor and is functional because you or any guests can grab one when you’re cold.

Don’t Overlook the Clearance Section

If you’re using these home decorating tips on a budget, you need to use this one for sure. I know that sometimes you can walk straight past the clearance section. Honestly, though, you can find great pieces that are at a fraction of the price. Sometimes, they come with a little wear and tear and if you’re going rustic, that works but, if you can repair it easily–it’s worth the effort.

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However, you can find a piece that is immaculate and in perfect condition at a great price. Don’t’ shy away from the sales racks, you may just find something great!

Now that you have some home decorating tips on a budget, you can get started!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Do you have any tips?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A painted white brick wall, with a teal nightstand with two pictures on the wall and flowers on the table. An easy way to decorate on a budget. Underneath is a banner that reads, "Home Decorating Tips on a Budget"

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  1. A tip I have would be to try to keep number of possessions down so that the space doesn’t look cluttered!

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