Companies Who Get It Right Are Refreshing. Isn’t It Time to Expect More? #TeamTELUS

WINDSOR, ONTARIO - JULY 13, 2015 - Portrait of John O'Kane, owner of John Max Sports & Wings. Source: Windsor Star

Companies Who Get It Right. 

Great customer service starts from the ground up. Many of you know that I am a big fan of TELUS. They are a company that is completely captivated with improving customer service every day. You can learn more about TELUS and how they are putting customers first at www.telus.com/expectmore.

Not all companies are perfect; in fact, a lot of companies have a long way to go. But, when we hear about stories of exceptional customer service, we are blown away because it proves that there are still companies out there who get it right, who still genuinely care about their consumers and helping those who really need it.


The Perfect Fish ‘N Chips.

This past summer, Gabby and I took a road trip through New Brunswick. It was a chance for us to connect, have fun and see the beauty of our great country. We had the opportunity to see some amazing things, best of all; we were able to try some amazing food. New Brunswick is known for its seafood and I was on a quest to try the perfect fish and chips. We had some killer fish and chips in St. Andrews, fresh, crispy with a zing of lemon!

Just last month, I had a craving for fish and chips and Hubs wanted wings. It just happened to be date night so we decided to go to a sports bar, John Max, to enjoy a great meal. Plus, this restaurant has a well-rounded menu that would satisfy both of our cravings. We sat down, the server came with our drinks and we ordered our meals.

We waited and waited and waited and then waited some more.

The people around us started getting their orders and we were already to the bottom of our drinks. Our server returned to the table and told us that she was very sorry for the wait, unfortunately, after a couple tries–the fish and chips were not coming together as they should. They were falling apart and if it was possible that I choose something else. I agreed and ordered a burger; we finished our meal with no further delays or issues.

Just as we were finishing up, a gentleman came over and introduced himself as the restaurant manager, he apologized about the fish and chips and explained what had happened. I explained to him that it’s no problem and that my meal was delicious. He thanked me and handed us a card with a $50 gift card inside. They made it right, they fixed my order and on top of that they went above and beyond to make it feel like my patronage mattered. You can guarantee that we went back and will continue to do so! 

After our experience at John Max, I decided to do a search and learn more about the establishment and it turns out that the owner has made headlines already for stellar customer service for leaving patrons gifts under their cars’ windshield wipers.

Customers who have left their cars and chose not to drink and drive were greeted with a message from John O’Kane that stated, ” I just want to thank you for leaving your car parked overnight. I’m not sure if you had consumed alcohol at John Max or not, but we wanted to thank you for not drinking and driving.” A $20 gift card and voucher for two hours of free volleyball accompanied the letter.”Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible,” O’Kane writes. “Life is valuable, have a wonderful weekend.”


TELUS Wants You to EXPECT More.

While 95% of customers are satisfied, that simply isn’t enough for TELUS. They believe that when they expect more of themselves, their customers can expect more from them. I think that it is a great state of mind to have. I just happen to be one of the 95%; in fact, I’ve had amazing experiences with them far before I was a TELUS Advocate. 



I Have Transcripts to Prove It!

Every single time that I’ve contacted them they were always pleasant to talk to. As you can see from our conversation above, we have had such great conversations. It feels like I am talking to an old friend, this exchange was when I wanted to upgrade my phone and she helped me out.

They always assist with any issue and I have never, ever walked away disappointed.TELUS is obsessed about constantly improving until they deliver an unmatched customer experience at every customer interaction, every time. Plus, they won’t stop until 100 per cent of their customers are happy.

Now, that’s great service!
Have you ever had an unforgettable experience with a company?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




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  1. I've had a few really great experiences with a company's customer service. Unfortunately, those are the exception rather than the rule.
    My recent post Maintain Your Traditional Recipes this Holiday Season

  2. I very nice story about your Fish-n-fries,nice to see the Manager stepped up and took the time to speak with you.Thats great service.

  3. I hate companies who don't care. it makes me really sad! Finding one that does care and gets it right — they get my vote and my business every single day.
    My recent post My Experience of RoC® Skincare

  4. When it comes to good service, customer service is what's most important. I hate going somewhere and dealing with rude workers!

  5. I wih I could have a great customer service experience like this. I haven't really had an over the top experience though

  6. I love when companies listen to their customers!! There are a lot of companies who care but other factors can get in the way.

  7. There's nothing worse than ordering your food and waiting forever for it while other people get theirs even though you were there before them, customer service is definitely important!

  8. I've been in the customer service industry for about 3 years and its really amazing when people go extra mile for us and serve people with their best. Love the story about the fish and chips

  9. I love hearing goof customer service stories. I used to work in customer service and I know how it can be. I love hearing peoples experiences so I know which companies to deal with and which to avoid!

  10. That was amazing customer service! As a customer, when things like this happen and the store or restaurant go the extra mile, it makes me feel special. It lets me know they value me as a customer.

  11. it's so hard to find a place that has great food and excellent customer service! It's nice when people share the good stuff… we usually only bother telling people when its been bad!

  12. I'm amazed that they wrote little notes like that to their customers about safe driving. That is so awesome and totally sending the right message. Other businesses might have had the cars towed away.

  13. It is true that companies should really take good care of their customers. The sad thing is that some big companies seem not to care anymore since they have the monopoly of the market.

  14. I like that they give premium when their customers remain responsible. They really show concern to their customers as well as promote the right values.

  15. I am loving companies with good customer service. I've experienced some not good happenings because of bad customer service and it make me sad.

  16. I think eventually (aka really soon) we're going to have to switch over cell phone providers. Especially with the amount of travel we do, and to remote places. I feel like T-Mobile only covers major cities. Huge pain.

  17. I'm sorry you didn't get to try the fish and chips, but it's nice to hear you were able to experience great customer service!

  18. What an amazing customer service, I have never experienced such amazing service before but glad you did.

  19. Although I have a different service provider, I have heard great things about Telus! Good customer service is essential to any successful company!

  20. It is so important to use companies with good customer service! I specifically don't go to certain stores or use certain services with bad customer service. Thanks for this post!

  21. Customer service is so incredibly important. I find it so crazy that some companies can't see the potential that there is by putting more care into how they treat their customers!

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