Just a Little Pregnancy Update

A baby sits inside a fluffy carpet and inside a nest. Here's just a little update.

Just a Little Update

I am so close to meeting this little Jelly Bean within my womb and my heart could not be any more content!

Everything is ready, I’m packing baby’s diaper bag today and in the next week or so I’ll pack mine for the hospital.

I have a feeling that labour this time around will be much easier. Considering I learned plenty the first time around. I’ve decided not to hire a doula this time either because last time she wasn’t very helpful.

So I cannot wait to actually go into labour and meet the third part of my heart.

Other than that everything is as smooth as ever.

I’m enjoying my pregnancy to the max and happy to have a healthy baby without any complications. I also lucked out to have another little girl which is a bonus.

We Are Excited

Everything is prepared for her arrival, it’s extremely exciting, especially knowing it’s down to the wire. Just time separates us. The Braxton-Hicks have started a bit more intense as of late but I’m hanging in there. After all, it’s just preparation for what’s to come.

Apart from having a beautiful pregnancy so far, I’m very thankful for my blessings.

Well, good day everyone!

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