5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Boxy Girls

A close up of a little girl unboxing a mini Boxy Girl box, she pulls out a shoe. In the background is a Boxy Girl with another surprise box.

Reasons Your Kids Will Love Boxy Girls

There is a wide array of reasons why playing with dolls is so beneficial for kids. They teach empathy, responsibility, social skills, language and spark imagination. Boxy Girls are incredibly unique dolls and if you have a little girl or boy who dances to the beat of their own drum, they’re going to love Boxy Girls.

We had the chance to check out all of the Series 1, Boxy Girls and a fashion pack. Mimi, of course, was stoked to see them in the mail. Like any fashionista, she loves getting packages. Coincidentally enough, Boxy Girls love getting mail too and that’s what makes them so fun!

Boxy Girls are dolls that love shopping and unboxing their online orders. Each Boxy Girl comes with her very own boxed fashion surprises. Like fabulous shoes, bags, makeup, jewelry and clothes! Boxy Girl Series 1 available now for $24.99 at Toys ‘R Us and Walmart. There are 4 fashionistas to collect: Riley, Nomi, Brooklyn & Willa.

If you have a fashionista in your home, read on for the top reasons why you’ll love Boxy Girls and your kids will too!

Mimi, a little girl, tilts her head and holds a Boxy Girl next to her cheek and smiles.

They Are Super Cute

Boxy Girls are just plain adorable, let’s get that out of the way first. They are dainty and have gorgeous boxy eyes. Their faces are quite delicate and their hair is super long. If your child loves to do hair, they’ll have fun with these dolls.

They Are Diverse

While it isn’t something that is mentioned, it’s apparent that the dolls all look different. They have different skin tones, hair colours, and eye colours. Having multi-racial kids, representation is important. When Mimi can play with a doll that is similar to her, it makes me super happy. She especially loves Nomi and Riley but, Willa is her fave. Regardless, I love seeing the diversity–it matters!

Tons of Accessories

Let’s be real. These girls have channels simply for unboxing. They are in the know and they love fashion. Each doll comes with 4 mystery boxes and each box comes with a different accessory. The beauty of it all is that they are interchangeable.

If you get all of Series 1, there are plenty of accessories to trade, share, or borrow amongst the Boxy Girls. The earrings, shoes, bags, and more are totes adorable. Unboxing is one of Mimi’s favourite things to do, in real life and pretend. Check out her video above, she unboxes EVERYTHING.

We received a Fashion Pack as well. It came with 6 mystery boxes. 5 are the regular sizes and one is larger. We unboxed plenty of hair extensions, shoes, earrings, clothes, and even another set of headphones. All Fashion Packs are different and unique and you can pick one up for $9.99.

Unique Personalities

Each doll comes with a name already. Some kids may struggle with naming their dolls, so this takes that task away. Of course, if they want to change their dolls’ names, they definitely can. Plus, they come with accessories that tie into their personalities. Knowing a doll’s personality makes it easier to play. Or your child can always make them their own.

A little fashionista holds her dress out and holds Nomi, from Boxy Girls.

Great for Creative Play

Since the dolls are so unique, it opens up the chance for creative play. They can come up with so many timelines and stories, they can even pretend to run their own channels and unbox the accessories together.

What that means for your child is that they provide hours and hours of fun.

The recommended age is 6 and up but, my 9-year-old absolutely loved them. All of her friends knew about them and she’s had a blast showing them and letting them know where to grab one or ALL of them!

It also helps that the Boxy Girls boxes are super realistic. They come with a shipping label on the outside, and the boxes have fun liner design. Each box comes with paper confetti or tissue paper. That just adds an element of surprise! Plus, there are fun stickers added to packages. Who doesn’t love the little extras that companies throw in?

The 4 Boxy Girls, Riley, Nomi, Brooklyn, and Willa. They sit on a wooden background with Boxy Girl shipment boxes next to them.

They’re a Great Price

Now that we went over 5 big reasons your kids will love Boxy Girls, here’s one reason you will too. Both of my daughters were so different at this age. Gabby loved stuffies and Mimi happens to be my doll-loving daughter.

Mimi gives me a good run for my money when it comes to dolls. So, I’m well aware of the costs of different dolls. Some are inexpensive and others are a lot more expensive. Boxy Girls falls right in between and right where I like it!

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They start at $19.99 to $24.99 at Walmart, Toys ‘R Us, and on the Boxy Girls website. For a fully dressed and accessorized doll, that comes with 4 boxes of even more accessories, it is definitely worth the price.

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Ready to Win?

I’ve teamed up with Red Planet and Boxy Girls to give away two Boxy Girls and a Fashion Pack to one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader! That’s two fashionistas and even MORE accessories to boot!

This contest is open to Canada only and starts on June 13, 2019 and ends on June 28, 2019.

For more information about Boxy Girls, make sure to check out Red Planet Group on Facebook and @RedPlanetGroup on Instagram.

Which Boxy Girl would your child love the most?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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