Our Special Day is Fast Approaching


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Let the Violins Sound!

As many of you know, we are busy planning yet another momentous occasion in our lives at the end of this year. If you missed my little announcement, it’s right here.  With the life-changing events that have occurred in our lives this past year, we are very happy to be doing this.

Every day is truly a gift and it’s never guaranteed.

I cannot wait to celebrate our union, our children and the years we have spent together.

So far, we’ve picked our destination and I’m going to be keeping that a little secret til closer to the date. It’s warm, it’s gorgeous and we are vacationing right after! We’ve secured our officiant, we picked out our cake and flavor! It’s going to be yummers and I finally picked the type of bouquet I’ll be donning with YOUR help!

All of your thoughts, wishes and opinions were much appreciated!

I decided on getting a Tussy Mussy Rose Bouquet. I love the romance behind the rose. Romance, that we share an abundance of in our relationship, all these years later. We are still mushy, we still hold hands, we still sneak each other kisses and he still gives me butterflies. We are still so very much in love with one another.  Though roses are very traditional, I love that they signify eternal love.

Lots to do still…

We picked out our photographers and our packages, our transportation, the decor and I’ve looked into a make-up artists and hair stylist. I guess all that is left is picking my dress, the girls’ dresses and my groom, well–he’s got all his stuff planned to the T.

We also have a wedding planner that is going to be helping me out to plan this simple but meaningful day in our lives! It’s funny when you think simple, it turns out to be lots of work and planning and I need the help!

Other than that, going along with this special occasion, Hubby is spoiling me and taking me to upgrade my ring. I’m not much of a bling person myself but, what girl doesn’t love diamond shopping?

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For the ceremony, we decided to keep it simple.

Traditional vows along with our own that we are writing and we are only going to do a rose ceremony. In the rose ceremony, we each exchange a single rose, which is our gift to one another and a tradition we will do every single year in our home on the date of our special day.

Anyway, we sampled lots of music and we have picked all but one song for each part of the ceremony. We wanted to use our song, “I’ll Be” but, we wanted to change it for the “first dance” this time and we are stuck between songs. Both which have a lot of memories and sentimental reasoning’s behind them.

Given the chance to do it all over again, would you choose the same or pick a different one?

How did you guys choose “your song”?

I’m stuck.

Would love to hear about your special songs, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. what wonderful news! We used "our" song for our wedding song….it was picked as "our" song because we always seemed to dance to that song when we were out

  2. Our wedding song was Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. I love that song. It was released right around the time we were getting married. I still love it.

    1. Aww, that\’s okay! Our song was I\’ll Be but we are in between two songs right now. I was never one for details but, this time around, I am excited about it.

  3. Oh! I am so excited for you. I would love to re-do our wedding, I am much wiser now and know what I like. I'm just 18 years older and look it, so that part I wouldn't be too excited about – but the ceremony would mean so much since we've battled quite a few storms to get here. Have fun and good luck!

    1. Aww, that would be great. That\’s what love and marriage is all about. You know we\’ve weathered some storms and I had a life-changing ordeal. There is no better time than now I think. 😀 Thanks so much. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I\’m excited! 🙂 That\’s a beautiful song! Buddy Holly, ahh–music is not the same.

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