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5 Useful Tips for Living in Vancouver

Vancouver Island, with a beautiful lighthouse. This article covers 5 tips for living in Vancouver.

Useful Tips for Living in Vancouver

A change is as good as a holiday, right? So that means that moving cities should at least make up for the lack of holidays in the last two years!

For those who have been considering moving abroad, or even just to a new city if you already live in Canada, this article will give you five of the best tips for living in Vancouver.

These are the kind of tips that will turn you into a local. That way, you stop sticking out like a sore, touristy-fanny-pack-wearing thumb.

1. Be Ready for Adventure

Vancouver is a young city at heart, which is great if you love a little adventure. It’s even better if you love a lot of adventure.

There aren’t many places in the world that have beaches and mountains so close together, and none of them is quite as beautiful as Vancouver.

Vancouver is a special place, filled with exceptional people who are always ready to do something amazing and fun.

Make sure that you’re always ready for an adventure, even if it is just across the city.

2. Traffic Can Be Bad

As with most major cities, traffic can be a bit of a nightmare. However, the traffic congestion is only bearable because of the fantastic transit options.

Thanks to a highly progressive city council, Vancouver has an impressive bicycle network around the city so you can get to where you need to AND get some exercise.

When you arrive, be sure to get yourself a Compass Card – that will allow you to use every transit option in Metro Vancouver to experience the beauty of Canada.

3. Inclusivity At Its Best

The locals in this beautiful city accept different backgrounds, and they always respect your choices.

Vancouver has one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world, and it is a multicultural hub of activity.

More than 50% of the population here is not English, which means that no matter where you come from in the world, you will always feel welcome in Vancouver.

That will make hunting for homes for sale in Vancouver a little more exciting.

4. Tipping Is Different

When you first move here, you may find the tipping culture a little strange depending on where you are from.

Vancouver locals are so appreciative of the service of others that they have adopted a standard tipping system of 10 to 20%. 

Keep this in mind if you’re looking for part-time work for your teenagers when you get here, the salary might not be the greatest, but the tips tend to make up for it.

5. Ice Hockey Is King

If you’re going to fit in here like one of the locals, you need to learn to love Canada’s favourite sport – ice hockey.

Ice hockey is an adrenaline-filled, super-athletic sport. So you’ll need tons of energy even just to watch it.

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Vancouver has eight rinks just in case you feel like trying your hand at this fast-paced sport.

If you’re lucky enough to move here, you’ll soon discover a million reasons never to leave.

As with any country, be safe and make clever decisions, and you will have the time of your life living here.

Have you ever considered living in Vancouver?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Vancouver Island, with a beautiful lighthouse. This article covers 5 tips for living in Vancouver.

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