How Can the Restaurant Survive Our New Normal?

A picture of an empty restaurant, which begs the question, how will the restaurant survive our new normal?

How Can The Restaurant Survive Our new normal?

COVID-19 has impacted the restaurant industry in a big way. With Yelp’s Economic Average report showing that 60% of restaurants previously marked as ‘temporarily’ closed have now permanently shut their doors.

Many states recently commenced on their lockdown exit strategy and permitting the reopening of food establishments under strict sanitary guidelines.

Other states (including California and Florida) are seeing infection rates rise.

Many establishments have had to make severe reductions in staff numbers. Including making changes to their business models.

What is clear is that when the pandemic era has been and done, there will be major changes in the restaurant industry.

These are a few to be expected at top dining establishments in upcoming years.

A Passion For Sustainability

Even prior to the pandemic, sales data derived by Nielsen and the Plant-Based Foods Association showed a 20% rise in the sale of plant-based foods.

This phenomenon is owed primarily to a plethora of studies indicating the superiority (from a health perspective) of high-fiber, high-antioxidant diets.

However, ethical concerns and global warming are additional reasons for the popularity of meat-free (or reduced meat) lifestyles. Much has to do with the millennial interest in sustainability and ethics.

Diners are now more interested in knowing where restaurants source their food. Plus, whether or not they have workers’ comp insurance for restaurants.

They are as interested in organic food as they are in supporting restaurants with interest in staff well-being.

They support businesses with a reputation for protecting employees against injury, paying them well, and providing them with flexible conditions.

Outdoor Dining

If you asked the average American what they missed most during lockdown, many many say enjoying a great meal with friends and family.

Outdoor dining experiences that take in the beauty of nature are popular. They provide an open atmosphere that is less conducive to the spreading of germs. These experiences are likely to be embraced by nature-starved diners.

Many studies have shown that nature is a powerful stress buster. In the post-pandemic era, mental health and well-being are likely to be influential in the food, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Innovation And Adaptability

Many restaurants have had to embrace new business models in record speed. If the pandemic has taught them one thing, it is that they do have the capacity and creativity to adapt at this speed.

From pop-up stores to food trucks and speedy takeaway and delivery services. Restaurants are ready to embrace temporary ways of doing business. They may change seasonally, or even in a matter of days or weeks.

Some restaurants are offering takeaway gourmet boxes or tasting menus. The boxes turn home meals into gourmet experiences.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to connecting with one’s customers. Change is making food an important part of their daily life.

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Restaurants across the globe have shown that they were able to rise to the challenge. They do this by adapting to the new requirements posed by the pandemic.

From reducing their diner numbers to serving meals outside. They have continued to serve those who equate a great meal with the ultimate leisure experience.

In order to thrive in our new normal, restaurants will have to take specific values into account. Including sustainability, the need to be closer to nature, and a growing interest in ethical practices.

They will also have to be ready to create new experiences. Show their willingness to collaborate with other food establishments. Also, when necessary, to help vulnerable populations and businesses in the food industry and beyond.

Do you think the restaurant can survive our new normal?


A picture of an empty restaurant, which begs the question, how will the restaurant survive our new normal?

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