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Rice Krispies Treats for Toys: Make a Lasting Difference in a Child’s Life this Holiday! #TreatsForToys


Rice Krispies Treats for Toys!

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year. There is something incredibly nostalgic about the season and it always takes me back to my humble celebrations as a child. The happiness of waking up before the birds and feeling the joy of getting one gift, something I had been wishing and hoping for and finding it under the tree.

Every child deserves that.

While Christmas is one of the most commercialized holidays and tends to be full of excess, some kids wake up to more toys than they will ever play with and some kids wake up to nothing. I couldn’t imagine the feeling and I think that no child should be without! 

Treats for Toys: Make a Lasting Difference in a Child's Life this Holiday! #TreatsForToys

Make a Lasting Impression.

I always reflect on my first Christmas in Canada and I remember the amazing charities that helped make our first holiday in a new and different country unforgettable. They made sure that we had clothes to keep us warm from the cold, a turkey and dinner to serve, a tree to decorate and a toy to wake up to in the morning. It’s this kind of generosity that is remembered for a lifetime.

I look back to Christmases of the past and think about that priceless and unforgettable feeling of being remembered and being gifted with something that makes our faces light up and swells our hearts with love. It is a feeling that can truly stay with a person forever. 

Treats for Toys: Make a Lasting Difference in a Child's Life this Holiday! #TreatsForToys

Treats for Toys!

That is why when this time of year rolls around, I not only get excited about decking the halls, singing carols, sipping hot cocoa or shopping for my loved ones–I get excited about being able to give back. While I wish that I could give every single child that same feeling, I definitely don’t have the power or magic that Santa does.

Thankfully, Kellogg’s Canada and the Salvation Army have teamed up again for the 4th year in a row for #TreatsForToys. For every original photo of a Rice Krispies toy-shaped treat that is uploaded to treatsfortoys.ca or posted to your public Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account between Oct. 1/16 – Dec. 21/16, with the hashtag #TreatsForToys in the post, Kellogg will donate $20.00 to The Salvation Army (up to a maximum of $30,000), which will be used to buy toys for children in need across Canada.

Treats for Toys: Make a Lasting Difference in a Child's Life this Holiday! #TreatsForToys

Make a Treat!

So, if you are a fellow Canadian you can help a child not go without this holiday season by submitting your photo to Kellogg’s! If you are going to be doing some holiday baking, make sure to pick up some Rice Krispies and make some treats to make a difference! If you need a little inspiration, you can check out these ‘Coconut White Chocolate Festive Treats’, our ‘Race Car’, ‘Christmas Tree Lollipops’, ‘Snowman‘ and ‘Robot.’

I look back on that cold Christmas and remember the first time I saw snow outside my window and woke up to a beautiful little tree with gifts underneath, in our little apartment. We looked through all the handmade slippers, scarves and mittens and we found a toy each. My sister and I both had dolls and my brother a train. This year, for our #TreatsForToys submission, we decided to make a fun train in memory of our that unforgettable Christmas in ’88.

Let's Get Started!

Tastes good. Does good. Feels good.

This year, the tasty goodness of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies continues to offer little ways to make a big difference.

Here’s how:

1) First, choose your favourite variety of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal to use as the base and add some snap, crackle and pop to your creation. For a limited time, Holiday Rice Krispies cereal adds a burst of festive colour to your toy-shaped treat; Rice Krispies Original cereal is the classic choice for traditionalists; Rice Krispies with Vanilla Flavour adds a hint of sweetness to the original wholesomeness of rice.

Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes boosts the fun factor with whole grain, funky shapes and no artificial flavours or colours; and Rice Krispies Brown Rice Gluten-Free cereal is made with whole grain brown rice.

2) Create your toy-shaped treat using one of five Kellogg’s Rice Krispies recipes available on treatsfortoys.ca or design your own!

3) Take a picture of your treat and upload the photo to treatsfortoys.ca. You can also share your work of art on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #TreatsforToys.

4) For every photo received on the website before December 21, 2016, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies will donate $20 to The Salvation Army to buy a real toy for a child.



What Will You Make?

I am excited to upload our creations and seeing everyone’s creations! Makes me happy to think that so many kids will wake up to a toy on Christmas morning.

Check out www.RiceKrispies.ca to get all the information you need! Plus, you can check out all of the amazing creations that are already uploaded on their site. There is a lot of awesome and super cute treats! You might just find some inspiration there too!

What would you make for Treats for Toys?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s on behalf of the Treats for Toys program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Making rice crisps treats and decorating them is such a fun activity for the entire family. Grab the cookie cutters, molds and decorating stuff and have a fun afternoon.

  2. This looks like a great idea for the kids. We all love the Rice Krispie Bars but making them into toys would be so much fun for the kids. The best part would be eating them afterwards. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Wow this is such a fun and creative idea to build things with the rice krispy treats. I can see so many fun ideas to put together and enjoy!

  4. I have not made Rice Krispie Treats in years! I would love to make some with my kids since they are fairly easy!

  5. I love this. I think making these Rice Krispie treats are so much better then the gingerbread houses. I would love to make some of these with my girls.

  6. This is a fantastic way to help raise money. I will have to make some Rice Krispie treats this weekend and upload some photos with #TreatsForToys.

  7. I am excited to get the kids to make some toy shaped Rice Krispie treats this weekend. We will upload our photos and tag them #TreatsForToys.

  8. This is a great idea. We are planning on making some of these this weekend,. I will have to get the kids to make toy shapes so we can participate in #TreatsForToys.

  9. With all the excitement of the season and shopping, people forget that one of the best gifts we can give is to help someone else celebrate the holidays. Giving back is the ultimate act of a holiday spirit!

  10. Oooo how fun!!!! We love rice krispy treats!!!! I bet my daughter would have a blast making these creations!!!

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