Trying New Things & Conquering the Goals We Set for Ourselves

Gabby riding on a dirt bike with helmet and full riding gear on.

Trying New Things

In September, we had the pleasure to attend Camp Honda in Muskoka. We were able to drive up in a pretty sweet Honda Pilot and pretty much “glamp” at the historical Windermere House. There we were able to experience everything that Honda has to offer and the Honda team had a weekend full of activities.

Among fishing, driving side by sides and trying out power equipment–the girls got to try the Honda dirt bikes. It was something that they were looking forward to for the longest time and when we finally got there, they couldn’t wait to get geared up.

A Poloroid is held up against a picture of Gabby riding on a dirt bike. Gabby is blurred in the background riding the dirt bike.

Gabby and Mimi ride on dirt bikes. Mimi is riding with a grown-up.

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Gabby set a goal for herself, she said that she would learn how to ride a dirt bike, no matter what. So, on a rainy and chilly morning at Camp Honda, she geared up and listened to her instructors. They gave her tips on how to get started, how to maneuver and everything about safety.

She learned that there is a program they offer and after getting on and conquering her goal, she is ready for the next step! I don’t think she will ever forget her first experience and I am going to make sure of it too!

An acrylic block of Gabby riding on a Honda dirt bike.

Ride On

I decided to get Gabby an acrylic block and preserve the first time she got on the bike and coasted. It would be perfect on her desk and I was super excited for her to see it. She loved it of course and I think I earned some brownie points with this one!

About Acrylic Blocks:

So, what makes an Acrylic Block the life of the party? First, they start with a perfectly clear, thick one-inch piece of premium cast acrylic. It’s so clear that you can look right through it from end-to-end. It’s amazing! Posterjack Acrylic Blocks capture and refract light in a way you just have to see for yourself. But it’s what we do next that really makes an Acrylic Block shine.

A mashup of printing and fantastic. They print your image using the most advanced printers and software on the planet. The result is a premium product with intense clarity and vibrant colours. When you see your photo shining through the optically clear acrylic, they know what word you will use to describe it: printastic!

When you display your Acrylic Block, it instantly becomes the star. With its solid 3D-depth and polished, vibrant clarity, an Acrylic Block is the most appealing, interesting, and knock-your-socks-off way to display your photo in a small format and it couldn’t be simpler to order: just scroll back up and get started in three simple steps!

Acrylic block is placed on a child's desk for decor.


When I showed Gabby the block, her face lit up! She absolutely loved it and was stoked to have it on her desk. I think it is a great reminder for her to always shoot for the moon.

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To set goals, work towards them and then achieve them! I’m hoping this picture will inspire her every day when she wakes up and sees it!

Where would you put a small token of inspiration?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.

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  1. I am s proud of her,getting out and doing it.So many time we talk about things we want to do but never actually do.

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