What to Pack for a Cycling Holiday

A cyclist is on a mountain riding his bike. Have you ever thought of taking a cycling vacation? If not, why not? If you're an active and outdoorsy person, you can see your destination in a unique way. #packingtips #traveltips

What to Pack for a Cycling Holiday

Have you thought about a cycling holiday?

If not, why not?

If you’re an avid adventurer, an active holiday could be just what you’re looking for.

With a variety of locations on offer, cycling holidays across the globe are only growing in popularity.

Where to go?

As much as cycling holidays can be a little bit more effort than a regular “stay in one hotel” kind of holiday. One great benefit of them is that you’ll have done all your planning and research before you arrive.

Whether you map the routes out yourself or head away on a cycling holiday that’s organized by a travel company, you’ll have less stress if you’ve planned ahead.

There are a wide variety of countries and locations you can try for your next active holiday.

You could choose to stay close to home and explore your local countryside or head off for some stunning cycling in Italy, weaving through world-famous wine regions and over soft rolling hills.

This kind of adventure offers something for everyone in the family.

Things to Pack:

No matter if you take your own bike or not, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right kit packed to make your holiday as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Padded Shorts

Need I say any more? Whether you prefer tight-fitting or loose-fitting, padded shorts for those long trails are a must.

If you’re venturing on a longer trip, take at least two pairs with you.

Cycling Jacket

Depending on whether you’re heading away in the summer or winter, you should pack a jacket that’s waterproof and windproof.

When you’re choosing your lightweight jacket, make sure it’s small enough to fit into a small backpack.


Speaking of packing, a small rucksack is ideal for riding with. If you’re heading away as a couple or a family, they’re ideal. Especially for packing additional clothing, water and snacks for the road!

You’ll also want to include some sunscreen, sunglasses, energy gels if your routes are long, a small first aid kit and your phone.

You know, for all those incredible photo opportunities of course or emergencies.

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Whether it’s a getaway for you and your partner or you’re taking the family along with you, making sure you plan to perfection or instruct the help of a specialist cycling tour operator, is important.

There are so many great benefits to cycling holidays. From health and getting yourself outdoors to seeing your destination in a different way.

Do you have any tips for what to pack for a cycling holiday?
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A banner reads, "What to pack for your next cycling vacation," a picture of Cyclist on top of a mountain. The sun shines brightly behind him. Have you ever thought of taking a cycling vacation? If not, why not? If you're an active and outdoorsy person, you can see your destination in a unique way. #packingtips #traveltips

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