Pandemic Life: An Update

Nancy's feet in between two stones on Lake Huron.

Pandemic Life: An Update

Hi friends! I hope that things have been well with you all during this pandemic life. I know that during this COVID era, things have been anything but ordinary.

Doesn’t it seem like it is one thing after the other?

Regardless, I hope you have all been holding on, taking time to recharge, and spending time with the ones you love.

We have, though, it hasn’t been easy. Looking back, I didn’t quite imagine that it would have ended up like this.

Mimi stands near the Galveston bay, doing a Michael Jackson stance, while birds fly behind her.

Down South

In late January, we were in Texas for a week. We enjoyed Houston, Galveston Island, shopping, historical tours, and great food.

Then my family flew home with Mimi, Gabby had stayed with my parents because she had exams.

Afterward, Darasak and I took a cruise to Cozumel and Yucatan. Even from the ship, I had been following the situation happening overseas, and it wasn’t good.

We took extra precautions on the ship. I tend to be like that anyway but, Darasak indulged me with the extras.

We enjoyed our trip. It was so beautiful and absolutely no mention of anything coronavirus in Mexico.

When we docked, things were surprisingly normal in Texas. Then again, I would have never expected what we are living now.

Magnolia Marketplace in Waco, Texas.
Delicious Silo cookie.
Darasak walking in Magnolia Market.

To the Mothership

We stayed in Waco, Texas for two more days, enjoyed Magnolia Market (SO much), and we enjoyed the market, antique shops, and amazing sweets.

If you follow us on our home Insta, you’ll know we love vintage.

February the 3rd is the last day we had normalcy.

We flew home, and the following weeks moved quickly, more and more reports, ships being stuck at sea, cases rising.

So, I did what I always do, I prepped and made sure we had everything we need to hunker down. Not hoarded (we actually had to scour for toilet paper, oy) but prepared, in case we were to get sick. I was one of those people wearing a mask before it was even a debate.

Well, come March we stuck close to home and quarantined. The school part was a bit of a mess, considering no one really knew how to handle it. I commend our teachers who did their very best with what they were handed.

A ball of white bread dough.

Quarantine Life

Yes, we baked bread, we gave ourselves quarantine haircuts, and we celebrated both Gabby’s and Mimi’s birthdays at home.

Our city is now in Phase 3 and most things are starting to re-open. I’m overly cautious, even before COVID, so we are still staying in our bubble for now and we keep it small.

Mimi wearing a mask in front of King's Bakery.

Memories and Keeping it Local

The most beautiful thing to have come out of all of this has been the time we’ve spent as a family.

Simply that, just the time to slow down, and just enjoy life.

It isn’t perfect by any standard. I missed my extended family (thankfully, we see them now), miss traveling, miss being in a crowd, miss shaking hands, and miss sitting in a restaurant. I’m grateful to be safe when I know many have suffered and many that continue to.

Toffee cookie from King's Bakery.

Some of my favourite things to do together is taking long drives, supporting local businesses, and cookies.

My goodness, have I enjoyed King’s Bakery cookies, Tabouli’s by Eddy’s, and so much more. I’ve also enjoyed shopping at Whiskey Jack Boutique, and ordering from local merchants as well.

A sign that states, "Silence is not an option, speak up."

Speak Up

Alongside the pandemic, the world erupted in a heavy way. As many of you know (or may not know,) I am Hispanic. I have felt discrimination and prejudice before, but I can never pretend to know what black men and women face every day.

We have taken the time to listen to black voices, to learn more about black history, and to continue to stand up and not be silent.

I always have, and I always will.

This seems like this is a turning point in history.

It’s intense, it’s hard, and it should be uncomfortable.

Mimi on the shore of Cantara Beach.

Summer Memories

Summer flew by ridiculously fast, we took a few road trips, and enjoyed day trips too.

It was nice to get away, and I’ll be frank, my soul truly needed it.

One of the advantages of distance learning is that we can be anywhere for them to attend. So, our adventures are not over!

Mimi and Gabby sitting on a step in Amherstburg.

Back to School

Summer is winding down, and there is a big unknown about how the school year will be organized.

We decided to keep the girls home and continue with distance learning.

I do worry about how they will learn, I’ll be honest. I know Mimi is a visual learner and Gabby works well independently. I also worry if I am qualified but, I will do my best.

While I understand that the economy needs to restart and that we need to move forward, I am not comfortable with sending them back yet.

Of course, I don’t judge anyone who chooses to.

As parents, we do what works best for our families, and this works for us.

I hope you find what works best for your family too.

Teachers, I know there are so many unanswered questions. I hope you do what works for you too. My heart is with you all!

Gabby and Nancy smiling. Pandemic Life at it's finest.

Looking Forward

While the only thing in life that is certain is uncertainty, we are looking forward and hoping for the best.

I have some exciting news to share. It’s something that I am incredibly passionate about, and have always wanted to create and share.

So, what is it?

Well, I’ve been a bit absent lately, on here and on social media. With the pandemic, everything has slowed down.

If you know me, you know that I am a total foodie. When we travel, we plan our itinerary around the food we want to try. Food and travel go hand in hand for us!

I’m passionate about cooking because I love that it brings people together. The best memories are made in the kitchen and around the dining table. That’s what it’s all about after all.

So, what is it?

Well, I’m writing a cookbook! I’ve been busy creating and testing recipes and perfecting my favourites. I’ve been working with an amazing publisher and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

It’s still in the works but, I’ll keep you all posted and it is called How-To Cookbook for Kids.

I have always loved and collected cook books and there’s nothing like having one in your hands, right?

Stay safe friends, let me know you’ve been doing during this pandemic life, and feel free to reach out to me. I share my day-to-day on Instagram (@whispersinspire), so hit me up there!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.

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