The Brand of Cameron Diaz Meet Avaline: The Organic Wine

Two women hold a glass of wine and toast. This article covers the brand of Cameron Diaz meets Avaline the organic wine.

The Brand of Cameron Diaz Meet Avaline: The Organic Wine

Cameron Diaz has always been an oenophile, a true connoisseur of wines. As fermented grapes, wines are primed to be incredibly organic and natural. This embodies Diaz’s primary philosophies in life.

However, not all wines are organic and natural.

In fact, most mainstream wines are made using hundreds of unnecessary additives, such as chemical compounds, pesticides, artificial colors and flavors, and more.

Avaline Wine is widely hailed as the best organic wine in 2021 — that’s because it truly lives up to the labels of “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan.”

Currently available in Red, White, Rosé, and Sparkling, Avaline Wine has already sold 120,000 bottles in a few months.

“Avaline wines are meant to be everyday wines, no matter the season. Our red is light enough to enjoy in warm weather but has enough body to cozy up with on a winter night. We know that’s how people drink now. It’s not really based on seasons or meals, it’s based on mood.”

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While Avaline Wine is certainly delicious, what truly makes it groundbreaking is that it’s produced from organically farmed grapes and maintains complete transparency.

What is Organic Wine?

The wine industry is incredibly unregulated. The term “organic wine” doesn’t have much legal weight — brands can use the label if they simply keep their sulfite level under 350ppm per bottle.

That means most organic wines are still produced with artificial flavors, colors, additives, and pesticides.

The term “natural wine” has no legal weight at all, so anyone can use that label. But Avaline Wine distinguishes itself by ensuring accountability.

While most wine brands are secretive about their ingredients and production process, Avaline Wine is completely transparent. Transparency ensures long-term accountability.

What Does That Mean for Wine Lovers?

Each bottle of Avaline Wine features a prominent label listing all the ingredients used in the production process in large fonts.

As such, consumers can easily research the ingredients to ensure their wines are truly organic.

Instead of using animal by-products for filtration, Avaline Wine uses bentonite clay, an ultra-fine, and naturally occurring clay, for filtration. As such, Avaline is also 100% vegan.

“With Avaline, our mission is to make this level of ingredient and nutritional transparency the norm. We started Avaline because we felt this need ourselves. We have seen that this customer who is seeking ‘clean’ in other categories like food and beauty products is, in fact, asking for clean wine.”

Katherine Power, the co-founder of Avaline Wine

Avaline Wine certainly lives up to the “clean” label, and they have processes in place to ensure accountability.

It is currently available in four flavor profiles — Red, White, Sparkling, and Rosé.

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You can also get The Essentials, which features the Red, White, and Rosé for your everyday requirements.

You can order Avaline Wine online or from select vendors across the United States.

I don’t know about you but, I am super excited for this. I love organic wine and Cameron Diaz, so I’d love a glass right now.

Have you tried Avaline Wine?


Two women hold a glass of wine and toast. This article covers the brand of Cameron Diaz meets Avaline the organic wine.

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