Step Into Summer with Viking Sandals at Yengo Shoes + Giveaway. #fashion

Viking Sandals at Yengo Shoes. We are stepping into summer in not only style but, comfort. Let's face it, while wearing super cute heels and wedges are okay for special occasions, most days, I just … [Read More...]


Fall in Love with Trind Nail Revive, Nail Repair, Keratin Nail Restorer and Caring Colors + Giveaway! #TrindNailTips

Trind Nail Care. You will fall in love! Summer is here and that means that we can enjoy bright colors once again. That also means that you will be seeing plenty of manicures and pedicure out in full … [Read More...]


12 Top Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer! #beauty

Top Beauty and Fashion Essentials for Summer! This one is strictly for the ladies, though if you're a fella, you can always take inspiration from this! Yes, summer is here and we are all ready to … [Read More...]


Club House Sea Salt Grinders: Try This Simple Chicken Seasoning & Discover Ways to Use in Everyday Cooking!

Get Cooking. The Club House Sea Salt Grinders with spices are perfect to use in the kitchen every single day. If you read all about Club House's NEW Sea Salt Grinders before this, you'll know that … [Read More...]


Get Your Shopkins at Showcase: Get In On the Hottest Toy Craze Taking the World by Storm!

Shopkins Have Arrived at Showcase! The trick is to get them while they last. Mimi, our youngest, is absolutely obsessed with these tiny, cute and simply adorable toys. More than 65 million Shopkins … [Read More...]

7 Beauty Apps

7 Beauty Apps Every Girl Should Have! #tech

7 Beauty Apps Every Girl Should Have! Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but beautification still takes work. The art of getting ready for the day can be simplified and enhanced with beauty … [Read More...]


VTech Kidizoom Action Cam: Summer is Around the Corner, Get Out There and Be Active!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam. Summer is practically almost here and that means that kids are spending more time outdoors! What is even better is finding toys that can capture the memories and keep up … [Read More...]


How to Style Your Bookcase & Mantle with Posterjack’s Gallery Box and Canvas from the Posterjack Art Shop! #12PrintsProject

How to Style Your Bookcase and Mantle. With the help of Posterjack of course!  May was a great month, the weather started to warm up, the grass got greener and my trees started to bloom. I have … [Read More...]


Celebrating National Hamburger Month with Four Cheese Lasagne Spring Rolls! #SaveonHelper

Four Cheese Lasagne Spring Rolls! Celebrate National Hamburger Month with this delicious treat and fun appetizer for the whole family! Hamburger Helper® has always been a simple way to feed our … [Read More...]


It’s National Hamburger Month: What Better Way to Celebrate Than with Hamburger Helper®? #SaveonHelper

It’s National Hamburger Month! That's right and since we are a meat and potato kind of family in this house, we are more than happy to celebrate! One thing that both my husband and I strive to … [Read More...]

Woman seasoning food

NEW Club House Sea Salt and Spice Grinders Are Your Kitchen’s Newest Secret Weapons.

NEW Club House Sea Salt Grinders. Making food delicious--one twist at a time. One thing that both my husband and I love to do together is cook. We both have our strengths in the kitchen and to … [Read More...]


15 Things I Learned From Being a Young Mother.

All the Things I Learned by Being A Young Mother. Being a young mother was and still is a challenge. In fact, being a mother at any age is challenging. I was 20 years-old when I had my first daughter … [Read More...]


3 Ways to Have Spring Fun with Crayola Outdoor Products!

Crayola Outdoor Products! Warmer weather means more time spent outdoors. I know that I can spend hours outside watching the girls have fun. One thing we always have in our home and ready for … [Read More...]


Viva Vantage Paper Towels: Take On ANY Mess or Spill–It’s All in The Stretch! #VivaStretch

Viva Vantage Paper Towels. Helping me tackle all of life's messes.  Keeping a home requires a lot of work, a fair share of elbow grease and quality and premium products to help you take the … [Read More...]


Celebrate the Frappe & Enter to WIN a $140 Prize Pack! #giveaway

Celebrate the Frappe! The warm weather is coming and there is nothing like enjoying a cool beverage from Second Cup. Or, you can seek refuge from the heat inside the cafe and have your cup of joe. … [Read More...]


Celebrating the Everyday with a Posterjack Acrylic Block and Posterboard! #12PrintsProject

Posterjack Acrylic Block and Photoboards. Helping us to celebrate the beauty and warmth in every day moments. April was a pretty ordinary month and our travels were non-existent. We were grounded and … [Read More...]


Schick’s Shop Free for A Year: 5 Things I Would Buy if I Won! #ShopFree

Schick's Shop Free. Can you imagine winning $15, 000? Now picture that amount of money and the chance to 'Shop Free' with it. The possibilities are truly endless. I know that while there are … [Read More...]

Dreaming of A Cruise

Dreaming of a Cruise This Summer? #travel

Dreaming of a Cruise? Have you ever dreamed of sailing on a luxury cruise liner into the sunset? Going on a cruise really is like a dream come true for some people. On arrival back home they wake up … [Read More...]


Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Seasonal Allergies in Pets, It’s Totally a Thing! #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

Itchy Pet, See Your Vet! Yes, folks. It is allergy season and I can tell you this for certain since I have dry eyes, sniffly nose and a whole lotta sneezing! With all the dust, pollen, grass, … [Read More...]


Teens, Play On with Playtex Sports & WIN Big! Moms, Survive Their First Period & Beyond! #PlayOnCA

Play On with Playtex Sports. I have a tween that is an unstoppable force. She is a budding track star, basketball fiend and soccer lover. That means she is always on the move. When the time comes, I … [Read More...]